Domestic violence should not happen to anybody. Ever. Period. But it does – and when it does, there is help. Maybe you have lived with abuse, maybe it happened just once; maybe you work or live next to someone who is being abused right now. Whoever you are, this book can show you how and where to get help.

In 1994, 1995, and again in 2000, Michigan changed the laws that deal with domestic violence to make it easier for the victims of abuse to get protection through the legal system.

We have tried to include information to help you get support and plan for your safety including resources to the best and most affordable divorce attorneys in Detroit and other Michigan locations.

If this booklet applies to you, you just need to remember two things: first, abuse is never okay; second, you are not alone. Help is yours for the asking.  Your safety as well as the ones attached to you is a priority.

If you know someone whom you think is being abused – a friend, family member, co-worker, client, patient or parishioner – please consider contacting one of the agencies listed below to discuss ways to safely help them.

Domestic violence can be considered as violence committed by someone to another person in the same domestic ties. This can occur between partners, relatives, and even divorcees and ex-partners.

Domestic violence does not necessarily refer to physical abuse; rather, it encompasses physiological, emotional, sexual, and even financial abuse. Most abusers use domestic violence as a way for them to acquire power over a victim.

99% of the time, domestic abuse is a deliberate form of control; however, there are times when abuse comes from escalating problems. This may manifest in the form of a lack of financial support, where one lives with an abuser. In such scenarios, the abuse starts creeping in; the abuser gets frustrated.

Gaining Financial Independence –  Strategy for Victims Escaping Domestic Violence

Most people living in domestically violent situations will convince themselves that the situation will improve.

This is a typical lie victims of abuse tell themselves, as domestic violence only escalates most of the time.

What starts as simple verbal abuse and threats of violence, most of the time, progresses to assault, rape, and even murder.

Also, bear in mind that children witnessing domestic violence progress to a cycle of violence where they may be future aggressors or victims of domestic violence out of its normalcy growing up.

Most of the time, women feel like they cannot go anywhere, as they have no financial capability to do it; neither do they have the will power to pick up and run. They come to accept abuse as a norm, based on a cycle of psychological, emotional, physical, and financial abuse.

It is essential to ensure that domestic violence victims are informed one way or the other that it is wrong for them to experience domestic violence. They should also be sensitized on what they can do to help get away from such situations.

There are many resources available for victims of domestic violence, including calling law enforcement and prosecution. Restraining orders can also be sort after, plus institutional support.

However, financial support can be regarded as one of the most important ways for a domestic violence victim to flee or escape their abuser. Many people lack ways of making money, escape, and end up stuck in a bad relationship.

There are, however, plenty of ways women can make money from home and help finance their escape and settlement away from an abuser as seen below.

Work from Home for Women – a Plenty of Opportunities

The following are some of the work from home jobs that you can do to free yourself financially.

Affiliate Manager

Try affiliate marketing where you get a commission for every sale you recommend and go through. If by chance you have a website, it is an even better way for marketing.

The good thing with affiliate marketing is, the work itself is not hard, plus you get to recommend something you like.


If you are into writing, you can start blogging to share your information or stories with other people. The more the people visiting your blogs, the more ways you can monetize the blog.

Book Keeper

If you are any good with numbers and can keep a clean and neat record, you can be a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers help people, including business owners, bloggers, and celebrities, to track their income.

Conference Founder

An experience such as a relationship full of domestic violence leaves a victim with the will and passion of helping others experiencing what she or he went through.

A conference founder starts a series of conferences where you can get victims of abuse to come and listen to your experiences while providing a retreat for guidance and counseling.


You might be an expert in a certain field and don’t have the chance of going for work; maybe the abuser has kept you away. Consultancy is a great opportunity for you to make enough money to escape.

You will be contacted for advice on the area of your expertise and get paid for it!


You may be an avid reader, with knowledge on good grammar and sentence structures and all the details of a well-written piece of work, then editing might prove worthwhile for you.

Due to the increased number of editable work from books to thesis, people are looking for editors to go through their work.

Several online companies will offer work if you are interested just as long as you have some access to the internet.

Online Art Seller

Do you have some skills in art? Online platforms like Etsy are a great place to sell your art. They accept all kinds of pieces ad you have a lot of control over pricing. It is a great place to start working and making money on the side on your path to some financial freedom.

Statistics of Domestic Violence

America will alarm you when it comes to the statistical analysis of domestic violence cases. Roughly 20 people will get harassed and domestically assaulted per minute. That is quite alarming, considering the number of phone calls received in a day concerning domestic violence is well over 20,000.

At least 10 million people were domestically assaulted this year, with at least 1 in four women and 1 in nine men having experienced domestic violence one way or the other in their lifetime. Domestic violence accounts for at least 15% of all violent crimes in the US.

1 in 7 women and 1 in 188 men will experience domestic violence in their lives.

For families with guns within their homes, the chances for a domestic incident resulting in a homicide rise to 500%.

Domestic violence cases are also kept on the low, and within families, till the abuse becomes unbearable; this can be proven by the fact that less than 34% of domestic violence cases go for treatment.

Women experience more domestic violence cases, even when excluding Transgender and gay women.

Types of Domestic Violence

Physical abuse is one of the most common forms of domestic violence. It ranges from anything from a shove to a physical attack that may result in injury or death.

On the other hand, emotional and psychological abuse tends to drain a person’s self-worth, convincing them of their uselessness through insults, humiliations, and constant criticism. It has the result of the victim-blaming themselves for getting beat up or mistreated.

Sexual abuse takes the form of rape, unwelcome touching, and other demeaning sexual advances and acts.

On the other hand, financial abuses will involve the financial restrictions of a partner, where the husband prevents the wife from any financial freedom by preventing them from working or getting an education.